eSports – How it’s perceived to be – Part I

eSports is a rapidly growing industry fuelled by gamers. Although its growth has seen a rapid increase in the past years, not everyone knows what eSports is. I decided to investigate eSports further, and have created two articles about it. The first one (this one) talks about the survey I conducted regarding eSports, and the second one talks about the actual perceptions of eSports.

I conducted my questionnaire rather professionally through three different mediums: Snapchat, Discord and Whatsapp.
Through this questionnaire, I learned three things.
Firstly, The perceptions of eSports is hugely different from person to person
Secondly, Never conduct a questionnaire over Snapchat, Discord or WhatsApp.
Thirdly and most importantly, my friends are all as bad as Xbox players. Don’t even try to hide it Xbox Gamers, you suck. Embrace it.

In total I had asked 20 separate people two questions:
1) If I said the term “eSports” to you? What would the first things you say be?
2) Do you think it deserves more or less recognition than it already has?

Now before we continue, I know I know there was a typo in the first question, but that’s how I presented the question to everyone. This is why you proofread before you send something like this out. However I would like to mention how not one of these people realised there was a typo (so I’m hugely disappointed in all of them. You know who you are).

The First Question – Responses
“If I said the term “eSports” to you? What would the first things you say be?”

The answers, or should I say responses (the majority of them were in no way, shape or form valid nor applicable answers) to the first question were interesting at times, and largely moronic the rest of the time; often I questioned why I was in contact with some of these people. One person replied with “IT’S IN THE GAMEEEEEEEEEEEE!” It turns out he was drunk so I decided it was best not to ask him the second question. Another person simply replied with “Gay.” To which I slammed him for being extremely homophobic to which he responded with “Gay” yet again. I thought it was best to not ask this guy the second question either. Multiple people questioned the format of the interview; “Why is this question in bold?” “Why does this look copy and pasted.” “Why are you saying this out of context” This baffled me. I genuinely don’t understand some people. They look past the words and focus on the font of the question?? Why? What’s the point? Why trigger me? JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION.
And finally one person, and this confuses me to this day, replied with “Look at my gun” and proceeded to show me pictures of his new Air-soft rifle. I’m not even kidding. Imagine that; I asked him what he knew about eSports, and he replied with “Look at my gun.” And to those who don’t believe me:

I mean if i’m honest it’s a pretty sweet gun, but ANSWER THE QUESTION FOR FU-..

10 minutes later and I’m back with some tea. I’ve cooled down, I let the rage leave me; so now we can get back to writing this “article”.

Through all the, what I can only describe as a shambles of a response, I did actually get some decent answers believe it or not.
Overall, 25% of those who answered said they didn’t know what eSports was, and the remaining 75% said the opposite. It should be mentioned that the sample was not random, I asked people who I talk to somewhat frequently, so it makes sense if the results are tilted to one side (in this case it would be favoured toward those who do know what eSports is, since the majority of my friends play games too). In a completely random sample, the percentage of people who don’t know what eSports would probably be significantly greater.

Now before we continue, it would make sense to explain what eSports is, so in a nutshell;
eSports (meaning electronic sports) refers to competitive gaming. When we say “eSports” we talk about players coming together and playing against one another competitively for accolades, glory and usually money in amounts large enough to buy a house. The money you can get from eSports (if you’re crazy good) can range from thousands to millions. The biggest game of 2018 (Fortnite: Battle Royale) has recently announced a huge pool of money in their eSports scene, investing $100 Million into a single tournament. The lucky winner will win $3 Million and anyone who even qualifies are guaranteed to take home $50,000. Talk as much smack about soccer-skin tryhards as you want but they gon’ win some cash.

The Second Question – Responses
“Do you think it deserves more or less recognition than it already has”

eSports is growing rapidly, and often some people don’t appreciate it. In fact someone mentioned that eSports have “sweaty teenage boys who live in their mum’s basement when they’re 26 years old.” Of course he said this as a joke, but it is a stereotype that is linked with gamers typically (more on this later).
Those who actually were able to answer this question had various answers. Some said it should grow organically in its own time, others agreeing it has got a large enough industry already. However one person said that eSports it’s going to get much more recognition as mainstream celebrities have already “popularised” gaming and made it to be “socially acceptable.” An example of this would be Ninja (otherwise known as Tyler Blevins) who played with numerous celebrities such as Drake and various members of the English Football team (yes football, not soccer, we’re not weirdos in my blog). Other people mentioned how the term “sports” should not be used to reference eSports (more on this later).

Post Survey opinions
As a result of my “survey” I found out what my friends thought about eSports. Although the responses were largely… stupid? I’ll go with stupid; I decided to go ahead and create this article anyway (because I’m out of content ideas but we’ll gloss over that shh).
The results, as restricted as they were, did shed some light on some key points I want to talk about:
1 – eSports should not be referred to as a Sport
2 – Why is eSports an actual thing?
3 – eSports is full of nerds.

Now these three are all very important talking points I want to try and address, but that will be in Part II of this article.
Now now, I know what you are all asking:
“Oh incredibly clever and talented Writer (who is probably also insanely good looking), when ever will you post part II of this well delivered, well structured article?”
Although you are right I am talented (and how did you put it, Insanely good looking?) part II will be posted in the regular schedule as the previous posts, so about 5 weeks. 4 weeks if you’re lucky.

I’m kidding I’m kidding I’ll post it soon (I won’t give a proper date yet but I’ll work hard on it you have my word!)

Signing Off note:
I’m sorry for the low frequency of articles but I’ve been very busy (and also slightly lazy if i’m honest shh). However, I should be posting much more frequently now since I have more free time.
I appreciate you reading this long article, and for those who just scrolled down to the bottom and read the last two paragraphs only – You’re dead to me.
But in all seriousness, don’t forget to comment your opinions on this topic, because this is one with various opinions. Note that I won’t be revealing too much of my opinions on certain things until the second part of the article (which will actually talk about eSports itself). I just didn’t want to have a super long article!
Thanks for reading and remember to follow me on Twitter (Just click the nifty twitter icon on the left, or at the top if you’re on mobile!)

And as always:
Stay woke, gamers.