Emergence – March Newsletter

I know I know “two articles in less than a week, who are you and what have you done with the real writer?!”
First of all, I’m super dedicated to my work (kappa).
Secondly, I only wrote this because the owner of Emergence kept asking me to. I mean, you would think I work for him and have expectations and responsibility of when certain things need to be done or something… Oh wait. I do work for him, I just don’t get paid. This is basically free labour.

Anyway, this March Emergence has been up to… well not much since the COD and Rocket League team both started their break this March. Now what this means is that I have very little to write about so I need to somehow make some sort of entertainment from writing about a somewhat dry week (Thanks, Emergence). But hey, we all have our ups and downs, the times where we go a few weeks without writing a single article (stop looking at me it’s rude). Having said that, Emergence hasn’t been COMPLETELY dry, they do have some news for me to write about.

First of all, one of Emergence’s streamers (Mavwarrior2) has hit 500 followers on twitch. Of course this is a huge milestone that represents growth (and also means I can leech off more viewers from him, thanks Mav). But in all seriousness a 500 follower milestone is a great point to reach, and hopefully this number just keeps increasing! You can see Mav’s twitch channel by clicking this link. Show him, some love!


Emergence Store – Launch
The second bit of news is that Emergence has finally released some new merch, and in my opinion it’s pretty awesome and I wasn’t even paid to say that I swear, I’m not paid to anything I just do it out of the goodness of my heart (and not at all to yoink viewership). The merch is on display on the tweet and it features a jersey which you can have your own custom name written on the back, alongside your real name and a flag of your choice! Furthermore the merch has a tracksuit set (A black hoodie, joggers and hat) with a more miniscule look, just in case you want to keep it casual. In fact, Emergence were kind enough to send me the hoodie for my work as they should have due to the blood, sweat and tears I have dedicated to writing for them (I’m joking please don’t fire me I need to steal your viewers this writing opportunity).

A new Face
And finally, Emergence has seen a new face in their works: Tom Ellis. Now Tom is a new member of the Emergence Organisation, becoming a co-owner from as soon as he joined (he definitely paid the actual owner for the high rank). Since he’s new, I thought it would be a pretty good idea to interview him on how he thought Emergence was going. Now, given my track record; me and asking people questions doesn’t really go too well (see my previous article as to why) but you know, I need to get content from somewhere am I right guys?
Now Tom said that joining the organisation was pretty welcoming and very driven which is everything he was hoping for. I agree with this, the dedication shown by Emergence staff has been amazing, and have been working a hell of a lot since it’s start (if you’ve read the previous newsletters you’d see just how much they have already accomplished baring in mind this is a completely new organisation, and if you haven’t read my previous articles you are awful human beings). Tom hopes to grow the community and to see just how far Emergence can be pushed. Finally I finished by asking him who his favourite person in Emergence, and he said the Owner (Charlie). Of course this was excluding me because anyone standing next to me stands no chance, let’s be honest.

Signing off note
And that ladies and gentlemen, is Emergence in March. I know there wasn’t much to write about but hey, you can’t expect super activity during every month, Emergence have still been up to some stuff!
Let me know what you think of the Emergence Merch in the comments below I’ll be answering you all as soon as I can!

And as always:
Stay woke, gamers.

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Emergence – February Newsletter

Hello, hello! Welcome back to the blog! I know I’ve been away for awhile but in my defence I’ve been crazy busy (and by “crazy busy” I mean crazy lazy, kappa). But have no fear ladies and gentlemen, for I am back with a new article. This article is written on behalf of Emergence, the eSports team I talked about in my last post which you can read about by clicking this convenient link right here (you’re welcome). Honestly I’m surprised Emergence asked me to write another article because between you and I; I tend to write a lot of nonsense (LOL JK I WRITE ABSOLUTE GOLD).

Emergence has been on a real grind recently for their eSports teams. The teams in the spotlight this month are their Rocket League and Call of Duty team. Though Emergence is looking to recruit two new teams (more information on that further down). In addition to this, there are a few sorry goodbyes and some new recruits that should be welcomed!

Call of Duty
Starting off with the Call Of Duty team; the achievements collected by this team are great. Having being the team that featured in Emergence’s first LAN event ever, the CoD team has been busy at work. It participated in a tournament (hosted by Console Gamer League last weekend). The team won the tournament, gaining the winners title and a cash prize of $75. Although this prize might not seem a lot, winning a tournament means a lot for competitive teams, especially newer/smaller ones (more information on that further down).

Rocket League Team
The Rocket League Team is one of Emergence’s first eSports team. As previously mentioned, the team was competing in a 12 week tournament (facing a rivalling team once a week). Now, I tried very hard to not write this in a braggy way but it’s kind of hard not to; the team didn’t lose a single match meaning winning the tournament with a completely perfect slate. For such an impressive achievement, the team must have been awarded with something amazing, right?… Right…?
Wrong. The team won £10.

Between 5 people.

12 weeks of tournaments, hard work and constant training, to win nothing but £2 per player.

In this Tournament teams will play in play-offs once the league has finished. These play-offs have monetary rewards but unfortunately the team won’t be able to attend as one of the players is on holiday (WAY TO GO ALCHEMY)! However the playoffs are set to be taken at another date.
Now remember that tournaments aren’t just about winning money (unless you have crippling debts from buying a high-end gaming PC which you simply can’t afford, which I TOTALLY did not do… Don’t look at me like that I have zero regrets). As mentioned, tournaments can be great for small teams, but more on this later down in the article.

Unfortunately there is some sad news about Emergence in terms of Rocket League. Their entire Academy team decided to leave Emergence. Furthermore, “Zulu”, a player formerly apart of the primary Rocket League decided to leave too. Emergence wishes the best for these players in the gaming scene (or any other endeavour they face).
However, there is good news too; say hello to the new recruit, Exst who plays for the Rocket League team! Emergence welcomes him aboard and are excited for everything the future holds!

Why even bother with Low Prize Tournaments?
All jokes aside about winning a small amount of money (or none at all), winning a tournament has a really positive effects on teams, especially smaller ones. Smaller teams don’t have the exposure since no one really knows who they are; and the organisations that host the tournaments which these teams compete in don’t tend to have the finances to fund a big prize pool (if any at all). Winning tournaments for a small team such as Emergence is great for getting recognition, getting the team’s and player’s names out into the public and into the competitive scene. Slowly the team grows into a bigger thing, and they become well known within the competitive scene. This means they can feature in bigger tournaments, with bigger viewership and bigger prize pools. It all leads to a snowball effect, so long as the team can keep on outperforming the others.
This is something Emergence has been doing well. Think about it, Emergence signed on their first CoD team and within a month they were featured in a $2,000 LAN tournament. Putting teams in competitive environments is one thing; but performing well in them (as Emergence has been doing) whilst being completely new, is a whole new, much more difficult thing.

Apex Legends – Recruiting
If you guys have even so much as opened your eyes for about 20 seconds you would have heard of the new Battle Royale game that’s taking the gaming world by storm: Apex Legends. I’ve got an article coming up on this sometime soon so stay tuned, but all in all Apex Legends in a new Battle Royale game that’s free to play.
Of course it created an eSports scene almost instantly and eSports teams are eager to get involved; Emergence is no exception.
Emergence is taking requests of Apex Legend teams, and if you want to be considered all you have to do is direct message the Emergence Team on twitter with your stats. If you’re confused just ask them a question and I’m sure the team will be more than happy to respond!

PS4 Overwatch – Recruiting
Now, Overwatch is known for having one of the biggest eSports scene in gaming, though most of this is on PC only, there are still PS4 Overwatch teams. In fact, Emergence has been working together to build a new Overwatch team, featuring some players from the former team plus some new guys. Sporticus (Captain), Roundaldo (Vice-captain), Wetington and Roemer are all returning faces whilst Aeth and Goldie are the two new guys. They are expected to perform in some scrim matches tonight, and hopefully all goes well for them!

Website and Store
Now I know a lot of you have been begging for a website and store to get that sweet Emergence drip (Well I’m assuming you have, I have no idea if you guys been actually begging for this stuff but it sounded like something the owner would like me to write). But we should be expecting the website and the store to be launched soon (around the end of March), and when it does you can yoink your mum’s credit card and buy some of their merch in no time!

Signing off note
So there we have it guys: February in Rewind for Emergence. If you’re interested in Emergence show them some love in the comments section, post your opinion and let me know what you think! I’ll respond to them all because I’m an eager writer who loves his audience (even if there are a solid four of you, you know who you are, you the real MVP). Also give them a follow on their twitter @Emergence and show them some love there too, I’m sure they would appreciate it.
Having said that, why don’t you show my twitter some love too @GameExhibit I’d appreciate it too!
And finally as always;
Stay woke, gamers.