Destiny 2 – Grab your free copy! is giving a free copy of Destiny 2 for free!

However before you guys get super excited, you might think about why this would happen. Why would you be given a game worth £44.99 for free? What is the catch? Well funnily enough, there is none.

Yesterday (06/11/2018) Destiny 2 had its first birthday, and as a result, is offering a free copy of the game to anyone on its platform. This offer runs until the 16th of November (16/11/2018). How do you get the game? Simple. We at TGE went through the unbelievably laboriously hard work of decoding everything,. which required a lot of clicking, scrolling and reading (not). If you click this rather nifty word that says here, you’ll be taken to a place where you can claim your gift! I know I know, you’re welcome.

You’ll need a account to have your gift transferred too, and then viola! Destiny 2 is officially apart of your collection! Unfortunately the game is rather large (sizing at around 80GB), and so you’ll have to spend a rather hefty time downloading it, but once you reach that point you can join the world of Destiny with everyone else and leave behind the real world. Sounds look a good enough trade for me, (and it’s free too!).

One last thing, when says you’re getting Destiny 2 for free, it’s just the base game (otherwise known as  the Standard edition). You’re not getting all available content for free. You can buy additional content from the store, like Destiny 2: Forsaken. This makes sense as Destiny 2 needs to make some money off of this move some how, and if players are enjoying Destiny 2, there’s an incentive for them to buy Destiny 2: Forsaken to continue enjoying their adventure.

You can expect me to post a review of how I’m finding Destiny 2. Just give me a couple days to download it.