Emergence – March Newsletter

I know I know “two articles in less than a week, who are you and what have you done with the real writer?!”
First of all, I’m super dedicated to my work (kappa).
Secondly, I only wrote this because the owner of Emergence kept asking me to. I mean, you would think I work for him and have expectations and responsibility of when certain things need to be done or something… Oh wait. I do work for him, I just don’t get paid. This is basically free labour.

Anyway, this March Emergence has been up to… well not much since the COD and Rocket League team both started their break this March. Now what this means is that I have very little to write about so I need to somehow make some sort of entertainment from writing about a somewhat dry week (Thanks, Emergence). But hey, we all have our ups and downs, the times where we go a few weeks without writing a single article (stop looking at me it’s rude). Having said that, Emergence hasn’t been COMPLETELY dry, they do have some news for me to write about.

First of all, one of Emergence’s streamers (Mavwarrior2) has hit 500 followers on twitch. Of course this is a huge milestone that represents growth (and also means I can leech off more viewers from him, thanks Mav). But in all seriousness a 500 follower milestone is a great point to reach, and hopefully this number just keeps increasing! You can see Mav’s twitch channel by clicking this link. Show him, some love!


Emergence Store – Launch
The second bit of news is that Emergence has finally released some new merch, and in my opinion it’s pretty awesome and I wasn’t even paid to say that I swear, I’m not paid to anything I just do it out of the goodness of my heart (and not at all to yoink viewership). The merch is on display on the tweet and it features a jersey which you can have your own custom name written on the back, alongside your real name and a flag of your choice! Furthermore the merch has a tracksuit set (A black hoodie, joggers and hat) with a more miniscule look, just in case you want to keep it casual. In fact, Emergence were kind enough to send me the hoodie for my work as they should have due to the blood, sweat and tears I have dedicated to writing for them (I’m joking please don’t fire me I need to steal your viewers this writing opportunity).

A new Face
And finally, Emergence has seen a new face in their works: Tom Ellis. Now Tom is a new member of the Emergence Organisation, becoming a co-owner from as soon as he joined (he definitely paid the actual owner for the high rank). Since he’s new, I thought it would be a pretty good idea to interview him on how he thought Emergence was going. Now, given my track record; me and asking people questions doesn’t really go too well (see my previous article as to why) but you know, I need to get content from somewhere am I right guys?
Now Tom said that joining the organisation was pretty welcoming and very driven which is everything he was hoping for. I agree with this, the dedication shown by Emergence staff has been amazing, and have been working a hell of a lot since it’s start (if you’ve read the previous newsletters you’d see just how much they have already accomplished baring in mind this is a completely new organisation, and if you haven’t read my previous articles you are awful human beings). Tom hopes to grow the community and to see just how far Emergence can be pushed. Finally I finished by asking him who his favourite person in Emergence, and he said the Owner (Charlie). Of course this was excluding me because anyone standing next to me stands no chance, let’s be honest.

Signing off note
And that ladies and gentlemen, is Emergence in March. I know there wasn’t much to write about but hey, you can’t expect super activity during every month, Emergence have still been up to some stuff!
Let me know what you think of the Emergence Merch in the comments below I’ll be answering you all as soon as I can!

And as always:
Stay woke, gamers.

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