About Me

Hey welcome to About me, where I talk about; DING DING DING YOU GUESSED IT! About me!
I decided to put a picture of, well what’s meant to be me but of course it doesn’t look completely like me but that’s besides the point. Rest assured i’m much more handsome in real life.
Anyway, without further ado:

A Little about Me
My name is Mr. SMH and if you’ve clicked anywhere on my website you would know that I write articles or blog posts about gaming for casual gamers and sweats avid gamers alike. If you’ve read any of my posts then you would understand what my writing style is like. If you haven’t read any of my posts; how dare you. In all seriousness I write articles with my humorous spin to it. Hopefully I can provide some information along with entertainment!

My Personal Life
I’m a student studying Physics. I won’t specify which university because you know, I’m a kind of a big deal and I have some crazy, stalker-like fans; just the life of a celebrity am I right? I do some reading here and there and I play A LOT of games. Like A LOT. It’s definitely not healthy for me but I have 0 shame.

Why I started Writing
I knew I loved gaming, and I wanted to do something relevant to gaming. However I had no idea what it could be. I wanted to become a Super-Cool Super-Pro Fortnite player but that all stopped when, well when I realised I sucked. (Actually it stopped because I didn’t put as much hard work into it as I could have). Throughout my life I realised I liked writing and I wasn’t all that awful at it; so I put the two together and BANG, TGE was born.

Why TGE?
Well the name TGE (or The Gaming Exhibit) is referring to an Exhibition of Games; like how you can have an exhibition of cars and stuff. Now I know I know I’m not selling anything but there’s another reason!
Me and my friend (who helped me set up this website) used to run a Minecraft server. Don’t you dare judge me. Anyway, it was called Exhibit Gaming so the title of my article is kind of an Easter Egg to that.
Cool Right?

My Plans for TGE
When I first started The Gaming Exhibit, I didn’t actually have any plan for the website. I just knew I was going to post articles, link some friends and bang, that’s it. We’ll see what happens. I think this was the one thing I did right; I didn’t overthink it. I just started the website, bought the domain and bang; I wrote.
Eventually I grew more confident with the content, and then my friend linked me up with another one of his friends and I started some writing for them too. All of a sudden I had more than 2 readers and I was crazy excited.
For TGE’s future I’m going to keep writing my (totally amazing) content. I’m aiming to grow more connections, grow my audience and hopefully make this full-time which would be super awesome. Don’t get me wrong, I love Physics and all, but I love games more.

So that’s me…
Pretty interesting right? If you like the content I post then don’t be afraid to comment and show me some love (or hate i’m pretty used to that, it’s just part of being a big deal right?). Remember to follow my twitter so you can be reminded when I post some new content!

And as always…
Stay woke, gamers.