eSports – How it’s perceived to be – Part II

A Brief Recap
Now if you guys have clicked onto this it’s probably because you’ve read part one of this topic. If you haven’t, it’ll probably be best if you go do that before you continue. The article talks about the survey (which was not professional AT ALL and had very little practical usability) which I conducted regarding eSports. The Article that follows focuses on eSports as an actual talking point; putting the Survey I conducted into some sort of practical use.

If you couldn’t be bothered to read the previous article, shame on you but, I will help you understand the main points as we go through. The main thing we should probably help you understand (if you don’t already) is what eSports actually is. eSports (meaning electronic sports) refers to competitive gaming. When we say “eSports” we talk about players coming together and playing against one another for accolades, glory and usually money in amounts large enough to buy a house.

Now often people have the same reaction when they find that money can be earned through games, and that reaction is: “Wait you get paid to just sit there and play games?!” In fact, this can be seen quite a lot if you look at any time a Gamer is interviewed for a mainstream talk show or even just a news article. The main thing that’s usually asked is “How much money do you make?” Often people find it difficult to comprehend that you can get paid for “just sitting there and playing games.”

From my previous Article, I had some major talking points I wanted to address with some more I want to address too, all of which are listed below:

1 – Why is eSports an actual thing and what do people think of it
2 – The term “eSports” itself
3 – eSports Today

eSports – Why is it a thing and What do people think of it?
When the first game was ever developed, it was created purely for entertainment reasons. It was a game called “Computer Space” (contrary to popular belief, it was not Pong).

Over time as technology evolved, so too did games. We went from the garbage of what we saw above (no offence) to complex games like Call of Duty, Rocket League, Fortnite and Overwatch. From the birth of games there was one goal: to provide entertainment. Whilst that goal remains the same in games today, they do have a competitive element too (especially the ones I had listed), but that wasn’t at all the entire basis of original games.  For example, Call of Duty (which is a very notable game in eSports) had its first tournament in 2009, Call of Duty 4 (Modern Warfare); 4 years after the first Call of Duty game was ever created.
So how does this all relate?
It all goes back to the idea that games are purely for entertainment, just a leisurely activity to kill time. This is the main reason people think eSports is silly. They think “Wait, you can make money off playing games? Well my little Dylan plays games all the time can he become a millionaire??” No he can’t, because Dylan plays Roblox. Dylan’s an idiot.

All jokes aside, this is how people look at eSports; especially older generations. They think of their kid playing games. This isn’t the case. eSports is not easy at all. It’s very difficult and those who get into eSports are some of the best at what they do.

It’s EXACTLY like Football.

Okay maybe not EXACTLY but it has a similar premise.
The most popular part of Football is watching the best players play against each other. It’s not some random kid you watch who’s playing in their back garden (not that I do that. I swear.)
The same principle applies to eSports – You watch the best players play against each other.
To say “eSports is just sitting around playing games all day” is like saying “Football is running about kicking a ball a day.” There’s so much more to it.

The term eSports
Now if you read my article before, you would have seen that some people complained about the name “eSports” itself (though don’t care about eSports as a whole). People relate sports to physical activities, and since gaming isn’t really seen as a physical activity (after all gaming is mainly using your brain and movement of your hands at most), therefore people dislike games being referred to as a “sport”
Now, this makes sense as by definition Sports relates to physical activities. Though the key thing to remember is eSports is not a sport, nor a type of sport; eSports is its own thing. The “sports” part comes from the competitive elements of sports.

eSports Today
As gaming itself gained recognition and increasing popularity, eSports grew alongside it. There’s a huge amount of competitive games that people play and watch alike. Fortnite (which you’ve probably heard of and are sick of hearing of) took the world by storm in 2018. The amount of recognition this game brought (to the casual and eSports scene alike) was huge.

Take the Overwatch Grand Final for example:

This was taken at the New York City Barclays Centre in Brooklyn. Blizzard estimates that over a million people watched the Grand Final.

eSports is gaining more and more recognition and are finding newer ways of broadcasting to the public. Recently Rocket League has been shown on Sky Sports. The market that arises from eSports is huge, and so it makes sense people are investing in it. In fact, PSG and FC Barcelona have a Rocket League team, albeit not the best ones but still; they’re trying! Furthermore, Josh Hutcherson, the famous actor from “Bridge to Terabithia” and the “Hunger Games” franchise made an appearance at the Overwatch League.

Signing Off Note
So there we have it ladies and gentlemen, 3 articles in rapid succession. I’m quite proud of that if I do say so myself. Also don’t get used to it; it’s definitely not going to continue. 
I was just in a really productive mood recently so I thought I would finish up something you all were waiting on (kappa :c ).

If you really want the truth I only started writing the article because Steam was down. I’m not even kidding:
I mean sure it came on by the time I started the article, and I definitely did consider ditching this and just going on Tomb Raider (it’s so good), but I let my better judgement hold onto me for a little while.

I know this article is some-what more serious to the garbage absolute gold I typically write, but I thought it would be a cool thing to address. Let me know what you think in the comments if you have any arguments or if you want to show your support with what I said.
Thanks for reading

And as always:
Stay woke, Gamers


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