Emergence – January Newsletter

Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re back and we’re here to announce a new opportunity! So, I’ve been making moves, making some new friends, some contacts, you know, big boy stuff. As a result I came into contact with a new, rising organisation that’s penetrating the eSports scene.
But firstly, some of you unfortunate souls don’t know what eSports is. eSports (or electronic sports) is a term used to refer to competitive gaming, where typically the best players of a particular game will play against each other for accolades, glory and in most cases; a huge amount of money. Usually people get triggered by the name “eSports” and cry the same thing; bUt WhY iS iT cAlLeD a SpOrT iF YoU’rE NoT dOiNg AnY PhYsIcAl AcTiViTiEs? Despite the negative perceptions; eSports is growing rapidly.
Introducing Emergence; an eSports team based currently in the EU and in NA. Emergence features two Rocket League teams (Their main one and their academy), a COD team in NA (who attended Emergence’s first LAN a couple days ago) and a FIFA… guy? FIFA player? I don’t know some guy that plays FIFA competitively. Emergence also features a stream team, streaming different games every stream, and commonly streaming Fortnite (Because there’s not enough Fortnite content out there amirite?)

The COD Team
Emergence has hired a very promising Call of Duty team based in North America. The team was actually at a LAN event just the other day (26th January). This was Emergence’s LAN event debut, and unfortunately they didn’t get a win from it, but they did make it to a Top 12 position (out of 50 teams). Despite the loss, they performed well and Emergence is super proud to have them on their side. The COD team is expected to participate in another tournament (hosted by the NGE league) which they had to go through a smaller tournament to qualify. The team decimated the tournament, finishing at 1st place. The date of the tournament is yet to be announced (as teams are still being gathered).

The Rocket League Team
Rocket League is a growing eSport, and I can’t deny; It’s super entertaining to watch. I used to play Rocket League quite a bit a few months ago, but decided to stop since, well I’ll say it bluntly; I was trash. As said before, Emergence has two Rocket League teams: their main team and their academy team. Their main team is currently in a 12 week tournament. In the tournament, they have to challenge one team every Sunday. It’s rather long winded in my opinion, but hey; a tournament is a tournament; and the team is doing amazing – having not lost a single game.

The FIFA… Guy? Player?
Most eSports have a group of players in a team for games, like a Fortnite team, a Rocket League team and so on; but FIFA usually only has solo players, which means there’s no one to blame when you screw up (don’t deny it, we all do it). Emergence has a FIFA player called “Shortnamegame.” In fact, he played in a tournament quite recently, and although unfortunately he didn’t win, he did achieve 2nd place. Honestly, as monka ass as that is, it’s pretty awesome. Finishing second place at any tournament is huge, but of course it’s heartbreaking too. Shortnamegame definitely punched his screen.
FIFA has been competitive for a while, I mean why wouldn’t it be; the game it focuses on has arguably the world’s most recognised tournament (The World Cup).

Other News
Emergence has announced a new sponsor for their organisation; Love and Playz! Love and Playz is a organisation that has over 10 years of Graphics experience. They primarily create graphics for Streamers.

Signing off note
Now I know this isn’t like my usual content I post (even though my content posting isn’t that frequent) but Emergence (and eSports as a whole) is a very interesting and complicated topic that I thought I could write about. Don’t expect too much content regarding Emergence on this website, since it’s primarily for Emergence. If the owner of Emergence decides he likes my writing (which he should I’m pretty awesome if I do say so myself) then I’ll continue to make content revolving around Emergence, but it would be on their upcoming website.
In all seriousness, leave a comment, let me know what you think; I’ll reply to them all (since I’ve got nothing better to do).
Stay woke, gamers.

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