Black Ops 4 – The problem with Multiplayer

Black ops 4 has been out for nearly a month (with its release being 12/10/2018), and it’s understandable to see some elements on the game being unbalanced. I’m not going to go through all of the problems in Multiplayer since I’d be here for a long time (insert kermit drinking tea meme). However, I will try and attempt to explain my main problem with the game. This article doesn’t aim to throw shade at the game, but rather provide some constructive criticism from a player. (Okay I lied it aims to throw some shade but MAINLY constructive criticism).

So I bet you’re dying to know what my main problem is with the game, right? It’s simple. Scorestreaks. More specifically, scorestreaks that are controlled by an AI (that is a scorestreaks that does not require the player to control). The main ones I’m referring to are the Strike Team and Sniper Support.

Before I drone on about this I should explain what a scorestreak is. Most of you should know but I’ll do it anyway. Scorestreaks are rewarded to players when they achieve a certain score without dying. You can select up to three scorestreaks. In theory this doesn’t make sense, why would you give support to a team who’is overpowering the other team, just to make the process of overpowering that team easier? Though that’s not the point of this article. This concept has been in the Call Of Duty games for as long as I can remember and so I won’t mess around with the core mechanics of the game.

In every Call of Duty game, AI controlled scorestreaks were always somewhat inferior to having a player controlled scorestreak, and this makes sense. Why would there be a scorestreak that is better than a human player? It’s overwhelming to the losing team. I mean of course it’s meant to provide them with pressure and make their lives harder, but it shouldn’t make them become toxic for a minute and then rage quit so hard that they uninstall the game and hop back onto Six Siege where it’s normal to call each other the worst things that their brains could ever think of (Don’t deny it Six Siege players, you aint fooling nobody).

Now I’m not going to be ranting about things without actually explaining them or providing a proper argument, so lets move onto the first scorestreak: The Strike Team. Once unlocked, you can, at the push of a button, deploy two soldiers of which you can command where to move by holding down the reload button. However, these soldiers have pinpoint accuracy, extended health/armour and quick reflexes. In fact, most primary weapons can’t take down one of these guys. If he’s in your sights, there’s a very high chance that you’re screwed (would have used another word but thought I’d keep it at least SLIGHTLY professional). Now why am I here whining to you few people reading this? I mean you could argue “It’s a hard scorestreak to achieve so players should be rewarded.” However, this scorestreak essentially adds two players to a team, with a lot more health, usually better accuracy, and quick reflexes. As if the opposing team wasn’t suffering enough. There’s a point in which scorestreaks just completely pinpoint a team, and this is one of them. How could this be better? Several things. Decrease their health, damage, accuracy, reaction time. Any of these factors need to be carefully analysed and tweaked, but I can’t say which ones for sure yet.

Next up is the Sniper Support. Okay, bare with me here, because this is quite possibly the most broken aspect of the system and therefore has the most writing about. I might lose myself in anger here, I apologise in advance. But… Which one of you developers at Treyarch worship Satan to the point you even drafted this scorestreak? Come on, we want answers. In all honesty, it’s a very cool concept, if wasn’t completely and utterly broken. I once witnessed (on the map Icebreaker) this Sniper Support team gather a kill every 0.5 – 1 second. This thing was literally killing players faster than you could respawn. Sure you could shoot it down, but it requires three shots: one to trigger the flares, one to damage the chopper, and one to send the thing to it’s long deserved death. I’ve seen team mates getting bored because they haven’t seen an enemy player for some time because of this monster ripping through the enemy team. If the enemy team is lucky enough to even have someone using the Rocket Launcher, he/she would probably have to go through at least two lives to down this bird. Poor Billy changed his class just to shoot this thing down, and by the time he could have got the third shot off, it flew away! Billy is now playing Six Siege. So what’s my advice for this? Make the time to kill a player increased. I would go as far to say that it would require two shots to kill a player (Perhaps each shot damages for 100, so those with body armour are still killed with two shots), and speed up the fire rate. Of course this needs to be in such a way that the time to kill is increased, otherwise it’d still be broken. I’ve not seen anyone happy about this yet, and it’s clear why.

Before I sign off, remember that I’m not a developer and I’m just the guy that whines/praises aspects of the game (Notice how “whine” comes first). In all due respect, I expected there to be more problems with Black Ops 4 on launch. It’s only a month old so it makes sense there’s balance problems, but in due time things will be tweaked to ensure a more playable ground for everyone, the Akimbo Saug SMG’s being a prime example. I bet the person who thought of that also thought of the Sniper Support team (You know who you are, we’re not happy). Note that I am a player and I have opinions that i’m just vocalising. Do you agree or disagree? Vocalise yours too. What do you think of these two scorestreaks? Let me know in the comments!

Signing off note: “F” in the comments if you feel bad for Billy.

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